Our Institution is a Story.

It all began on 1981, when Corrado Bessarione found what will be called “Factory of Ideas”.

Today as yesterday, this adventure has its focus on the passion for music and people. After 40 years of experience, the leading values are always the same:


Thanks to our R&D Department we design in-house solutions that others couldn’t even imagine. Passion and curiosity lead us throughout the whole Creative Process.


It’s unmistakably Made in Italy, for products which are functional and, at the same time, charming and always recognisable.


Our cornerstone, it’s granted by careful design, full control of the supply chain and the continuous monitoring of the production process.


The Customer is our priority and we strive to satisfy him by mean a wide range of products, easy locating of stores where to source them and a careful after-sales service.

We look forward to Future with enthusiasm and are ready for any challenge of the digital era, so that to be always the most important Italian company in the global market of accessories for musical instruments.