CROBOX audio systems series

CROBOX seriesCROBOX series
CROBOX seriesCROBOX series

Standard features:

  • Wooden box
  • Bespeco cannon connectors on the box
  • Round multipin connectors for cable connection and SPLIT
  • Insulated shields cable with multipin connector
  • Fantail protected by a net sleeve
  • Numbered Bespeco cannon connectors on the fantail
  • Maximum number of channels to assemble: 48 on a sole cable

Customizable features:
  • Combination of connectors on the box: IN and/or OUT
  • Type of connectors on the box: cannon and/or jack and/or combo
  • Brand of connectors on the box and on the fantail: Bespeco or Neutrik®
  • Positioning of multipin connectors: on the front or on the rear
  • Addition or removal of multipin connectors for SPLIT
  • Extension of channels to assemble with the addition of a second cable
  • Extension with external boxes for stage distribution
  • Type of connectors on the fantail
  • Cable length
  • More customized features on request

CROBOX audio systems series

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