Bespeco @ Fiera Campionaria Padova

29 mag, 2019 NEWS

On June 6th Bespeco and Cesareo of "Elio e le Storie Tese" invite you to a cocktail in music!

The meeting will be held during Guitar Party in Padua, scheduled from May 31st to June 9th 2019, which is a spin-off event of Guitar Show Italy but realized thanks to the support of important handcrafters, manufacturers and brands of Music industry.

Part of the celebration of the 100° anniversary of Fiera Campionaria di Padova, Guitar Parti is a "wine & music" happening: every day on the stage of hall 11, while having a cocktail, the essential players of theguitar landscape in Italy will be on stage to hold Seminars, Presentations and Musical Performances.

And Thursday June 6th, the "spritz" cocktail will givethe right atmosphere to Bespeco & Cesareo's collaboration.

The program is short but effective. At 7:00 pm, Ettore of Bespeco will hold a Seminar onthe importance of high quality on Instrument cable.

Then, after the cocktail, Cesareoand his guitar will rock the public with a strong performance.

See you at Guitar Party in Padova,on Thursday June 6th to share a moment made of cocktail, music and culture.


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